Wednesday, March 11, 2009


From Workspace

I guess a rundown of what my workspace looks like is in order. As you can see, I don't really stick to one thing. On the 40k table, you can see some Eldar objectives in the process of being painted (using three different methods of painting,) Krieg in the process of being assembled, Sisters of Battle being stripped (above the paint tile,) and a Soul Grinder waiting for some extra spiky bits.

Out of frame are a bunch more things that I've shoved out of the "clear" space in the middle. To the right is a light and a bunch of sprues and Krieg ziploc bags. To the left are a bunch of tools, including a box of backup paints that I got in a nice little trade. And below is the plastic drawer of parts, ranging from bits and magnets to a lonely Vyper in a drawer.

One thing I've discovered about any project I pick up is that my interest in it waxes and wanes. Therefore, in order to keep on with a hobby that I like, it's best to have lots of projects going at once. Then, when I'm bored with one thing, I can easily pick up another that I haven't touched in a little while.

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